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Fruit seasonality in Thailand

We want to send You greetings and a little warmth, sun and bright colors from the land of smiles, delicious fruits and eternal summer !

So, on July 28 we celebrated a national holiday in Thailand – the birthday of His Majesty Maha Vajiralongkorn(Rama X). His Majesty’s birthday-July 28 has been declared as a national holiday by the Government of Thailand.

In honor of the Birthday of His Majesty Mahi Vajiralongkorn, Thailand was decorated with national flags – festive ceremonies and Buddhist rituals were held in the Kingdom.

This month the King of Thailand, Rama X, took care of his people and donated over 2.8 billion Thai baht for medical equipment for an effective and rapid fight against the coronavirus.

We sincerely hope that You and your loved ones are currently healthy and safe.

Summer is always an abundance of vegetables, fruits and, of course, vitamins, which are so necessary for all of us, especially now! After all, their regular use contributes not only the saturation of the body with micro-and macronutrients but also prevents skin aging, hair loss and many other diseases.

Exotic fruits – they look very attractive, always so juicy and bright. And this is not surprising – after all, growing in the hot tropics they undergo natural maturation under bright sunlight, they are filled with juice due to the humidity that the sea breeze gives. That is why they attract us so much with their appearance and pleasant aroma.

The content of vitamins, trace elements and minerals in exotic fruits is actually very high. This is vitamin C, which increases the body’s resistance to viruses, vitamin D, without which it is impossible to assimilate calcium. One eaten pomelo, rambutan, kumquat, papaya is enough to significantly increase immunity.

So, as for the seasonality of fruits in Thailand month by month:

Bananas, coconuts, papaya, guava, lime, Thai melon (cantaloupe) ripen all year round in Thailand and are sold in abundance in all markets.

Rambutan also bears fruit almost all year round and you can always find it on the shelves. However, the best rambutans in Thailand are sold in the summer.

You can also find jackfruit all year round but the main period of its collection falls on January — May.

Mango can also be bought always, while the high season for this fruit is from April to June.

Next, we would like to show you some photos of fruit trees blooming in spring and describe the seasonality of fruits in Thailand.

Jujuba (early season), sapodilla, carambola, pitaya, longan, tangerine; pineapple, banana, guava, jackfruit, cantaloupe, coconut, mango, lime, papaya, pomelo, rambutan.

Pink apple, sapodilla, carambola, pitaya, longan, langsat, tangerine, jujuba; pineapple, banana, guava, jackfruit, cantaloupe, coconut, mango, lime, papaya, pomelo, rambutan.

Tamarind, carambola, langsat, tangerine, jujuba; pineapple, banana, guava, jackfruit, cantaloupe, coconut, mango, lime, papaya, pomelo, rambutan.

Exotic fruits of Thailand and fresh fruits and smoothies made from them have become an integral goal of the planned trip for tourists, as well as a vacation on the beach. Fresh and juicy fruits are sold in the land of smiles all year round — to the delight of local residents and vacationers.

Stay healthy, be safe, strengthen yourself with vitamins and let’s get through these difficult times together!

Next, we would like to show You the updated photos from the construction site of the Siam Oriental Star project

We present to your attention a 1-bedroom apartment in our new project Siam Oriental Star.

The apartment is offered in the best area of Pattaya, on Pratamnak Hill, in a new complex, with a developed infrastructure, worth 2 150 000 Thai baht (Thai quota) 2 514 000 Thai baht (Foreign quota) and payment plan until 01.01.2023.

We can also offer you apartments in our ready-made projects, although there are very few of them left. Below, you can see the photos and prices of the best offers at the moment.

The last 1-bedroom apartment in all our completed projects!
Fully furnished with the possibility of registration to a foreign quota!

2-bedroom- 54,73 sqm
Floor 5

2-bedroom- 54,73 sqm

Floor 2

If You are interested in buying an apartment in our completed projects then the developer is ready to offer good options and special prices and payment plan until the end of this year and You can get the keys and can move-in after paying only 50% of the cost of the apartment.

For more information and terms of purchase, You can contact our managers.
Alex +66 99 180 7658 (Whats App, Viber, Line)
Ekaterina +66 968 06 2358 (Whats , Viber, Line)

If you want to see the showrooms of the finished project or project under construction, we invite you to visit our sales office, at the address: Pratamnak soi 4.

Sincerely, the company “Siam Oriental Condos”
Have a good day and good mood!

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