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Frequently Asked Questions
Can a foreigner buy an apartment in Thailand ?

Yes, a foreign citizen can buy an apartment in Thailand as his personal property 100%. According to the law which came into force in 1974, foreigners can own no more than 49% of the total area of the condominium. And the remaining 51% must be sold to Thai citizens or companies registered in Thailand.

Foreign citizens can also buy an apartment under the Thai quota. You only need to set up a company where this property will be registered. Setting up the company and registration of all the document, the developer will assist and execute.

How does the developer communicate with the apartment owner?

Everything is very simple, no matter where you are, if you bought an apartment finished already or in a construction project of the developer Siam Oriental, the manager of our company is always in touch with you (what’s app, Viber, telegram)!

We help to solve any questions or wishes of our customer. For example, if you want us to ventilate your apartment in your absence, or to clean it before your arrival, then our customer can contact our management company.

If you want to buy an apartment in our Siam Oriental Star project under construction, the manager of the company will send to customer updated from the construction site, new photos, videos every month by e-mail. We try to provide comfort for clients and minimize their excitement ( this often happens when a project is under construction).

How to buy Siam Oriental real estate projects from distance?

Due to the difficulties in moving between countries, we have increasingly focused on remote transactions. This method is also safe and has been worked out with many of our clients when buying real estate. It differs from the usual on-site acquisition process only in the way of transferring documents! The contract will not be transferred from hand to hand but will be scanned and sent to your email address. You can pick up the original documents upon arrival to Thailand or we will send them by mail. You can easily print out the documents sent by email, sign the scans and send us the signed contract back to our email.

Therefore, if you dream of an apartment in the land of smiles, then now is the best time to do it! At the moment the main reason of the purchase is not only in the further rental of this property and earning income or buying an apartment only for living, but also in a profitable purchase with good discounts and conditions! Any crisis is a time of opportunity, a profitable acquisition, and at the end the investor receives higher dividends. The main thing is not to miss this opportunity!

So next we will tell you all the stages of making a remote transaction for the purchase of real estate from Siam Oriental.

The first stage is the selection of a suitable property

Our managers will be happy to help you with this and will select the most interesting offers that are currently available, taking into account all your wishes and preferences, sending all the necessary information and purchase details. Initially, you choose the most suitable option for yourself. Further, if there are not enough photo / video materials, then we can organize a video conference in the developers office and show both, the finished apartments and the project under construction.

The second stage is booking the selected property (making a deposit and drawing up a purchase and sale agreement).

To draw up a contract of sale, which is drawn up in 2 copies of English language version with all the necessary applications, you will need to inform the developer: tel, e-mail, address of actual residence and send a scan (photo)of the passport (first page).

The contract already prescribes all the previously agreed conditions for the purchase of real estate, specifies the form of ownership for which the property is purchased (Thai, Foreign), apartment number, payment schedule, etc .

After the developers managers prepare a contract with all attachments and an invoice for payment, the entire package of documents is scanned and sent to the buyer’s email address.

The client makes a deposit in the amount of 50,000 Thai baht which is necessary for booking an apartment and withdrawing it from sales.���� As soon as the money is credited to the developers account, we send the buyer a payment confirmation.

The third stage – further payments

Subsequent payments for the apartment, the client can make from anywhere in the world, according to the invoice (invoice for payment), which is issued by the developer a couple of weeks before the payment date specified in the purchase and sale agreement and also sended to the clients email address.

As you can see, there is no difficulty in buying «online» – all the stages of purchasing an apartment are the same as they would be in person.

Our managers help you at all stages, answer questions, send the necessary information, photos, video materials, display both ready-made apartments and the project under construction and agree on the most convenient and favorable conditions for purchasing real estate. Then they proceed to the execution of all the documents.

If you are considering buying an apartment in a ready-made complex of our company, then after paying only 50% of the cost of the apartment you can get the keys and use it at your discretion. Live by yourself or rent out and just continue to pay in installments, the remaining 50%.

As you can see, buying an apartment remotely directly from the developer, all actions are very simple, transparent and safe. But if you still have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to answer them and erase your doubts.

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase a profitable property in the land of smiles, eternal summer and bright colors!

Options for purchasing real estate in Thailand. What is Thai and foreign quota?

Real estate is probably the best and most reliable way of investing. A resident of any country can buy apartment in a condominium, in the “land of smiles”, according to the freehold.

Freehold (foreign quota) –free, lifelong ownership, with the possibility of donation, resale, inheritance. You become the full owner of the property and receive official certificate – Chanot, which is registered in the land department.

According to the law which came into force in 1974, foreigners can own no more than 49% of the total area of the condominium in condominiums. (In this case, the money for the purchase must come from abroad). In the case of a purchase of a foreign quota, the name and surname of the buyer are indicated in the chanote. The remaining 51% must be sold to Thai citizens or companies registered in Thailand. Foreign citizens can also buy an apartment according to the Thai quota but for this you need to open a company, for which this property will be registered. With the opening of the company and the registration of all documents, you will also get help from the developer.

For example, a house in Thailand can only be bought to the Thai quota! Because foreigners can not become owners of land in Thailand as individuals. In this case, you will need to open a Thai company, which will be issued to this house.

A chanot (document of ownership) that is issued to foreigners is no different from a chanot for Thai companies or local residents. The front side of the document shows the coat of arms of Thailand, describes the layout and data of the apartment or house and on the back side – the history of all sales with the names of the owners.

If the apartment is purchased on the Thai quota, then firstly, a contract is drawn up for an apartment purchased under the Thai quota, in the name of the buyer, and immediately before the registration of the chanot (document of ownership) you will need to open a company registered in Thailand, which will be issued in the future for this apartment.

For the acquisition under the Thai quota, the documents are drawn up in such a way that the Thai shareholders are nominal, and the foreign director actually has full control over the company. Only the director of the company has the right to sign, and at any time, without any difficulties, he can change the shareholders. There is absolutely nothing to fear here. The whole scheme has been worked out for decades and by professional lawyers, to the smallest details. It is even a little easier to sell an apartment on Thai quota than on a foreign one, but it is better to do it together with the company for which it is registered. To do this, you will only need to change the director of the company, entering a new buyer instead of yourself. At this point, the transaction can be considered completed.

The only disadvantage that exists when buying under the Thai quota is that you will need to register a company, which is quite simple to do and the developer helps you with this. The cost of registering a company is 20,000 Thai baht and sometimes these costs are covered by the developer. Every year there is a need to pay for the submission of the annual report of the company – 15,000 Thai baht.

However, the purchase of the Thai quota still turns out to be more profitable and many of our fellow countrymen have chosen this option. Why?

In most cases the price of an apartment for the Thai quota is lower than the price for a foreign one. It is for this reason that investors prefer to buy apartments for Thai quota.

Also at you home country no one will know about the foreign real estate you have purchased. After all, in the certificate of ownership of the Thai registers, only the name of the Thai company will be indicated.

Finally, when buying an apartment for the Thai quota the buyer is not required to provide a certificate of the funds of the purchase was transferred from abroad. So you can pay for the purchase in any way and from any account.

At the annual meetings of the owners of the condominium the legal owners, regardless of the quota in which they have purchased the property, have the right to vote in proportion to the living space they own.

Shuttle Bus

Dear customers! We remind You that for your convenience, the developer offers a free shuttle bus, which takes residents living in our company’s projects to the beach or public transport.

The shuttle bus route starts from Siam Oriental Garden 2, Pratamnak Soi 2.

The shuttle bus takes all interested residents, free of charge from the condos of the Siam Oriental company and takes them to Pratamnak Soi 5 (to the beach) and then to Thapppraya Road where public transport (tuk-tuk) goes. Shuttle bus can also pick up residents on the way back to the condos.


Virtual tour using video conference of Siam Oriental projects

You are kindly invited to “take a walk” around our ready finished condominium projects of Siam Oriental or our condominium under construction, check out its’ location, proximity to the sea and important facilities.

All you need to do is apply using any of the below channels:
+66 96 806 2358, +66 99 180 7658 (What’s App, Viber, Line)
siamorientalweb@gmail.com, siamorientalplaza@gmail.com, alex.siamoriental@mail.ru
If you would like to see the showrooms of finished or under construction projects, we invite you to visit our sales office at Pratamnak Soi 4
If you have any questions, feel free to reply to me and I will be happy to answer!

What is a condominium?

Condominium is a term that is widely used in the real estate industry. But, what does it mean?

A condominium is an apartment building or several buildings united by a common territory. Normally, the common area includes: a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, a terrace, a place to relax, round-the-clock security, parking (parking space is not purchased separately in Thailand, it is absolutely free), shops, laundry and other facilities that make the life of residents of such a community more comfortable and convenient. Simply put, buying an apartment in such a building, you become both the owner of private property and a member of the condominium, who has the right to use the common territory and all its benefits. As a rule, the management company of the condominium is responsible for the order and cleanliness of the common area. It also monitors the timely payment of utilities, collects money for necessary expenses, and maintains order in the territory of the complex.

If you visit the country on a regular basis and are tired of choosing new hotels every time, then now is a unique opportunity to buy an apartment in the condominiums of Siam Oriental company at favorable conditions and good prices! Do not miss the opportunity to buy an apartment in this beautiful, sunny and bright country and most importantly – the fulfillment of your dream about returning to this country at any time and already to your home! And if the thoughts about this unique land of smiles are already in your head and you are thinking about investing your money, earning income and maybe even moving, then feel free to contact us!

And remember, it is easy to buy an apartment in Thailand. The main thing is to want and we will do everything else for you! And in order to make it more comfortable for you to choose an apartment in the condominium where you would like to live, you can use our virtual tour of the company’s projects using video communication.

What is Chanot? Document of the ownership of real estate in Thailand.

Chanot concept is not familiar to us and therefore raises many questions. We normally face this when we want to buy property in Thailand.
This document is issued by the Land Department of Thailand and shows the rights of the person to the purchased apartment or land and the Chanot must indicate registered encumbrances, such as mortgages, leases, etc. The Chanot issued to foreigners does not differ from the Chanot for local residents and has equal guarantees of property rights.

Important! Foreigners are not allowed to own land and to register the purchased houses and villas to their own name but apartments in a condominium can be issued as 100% ownership to a foreign person. An exception is allowed only if the foreign ownership of the land is registered to a company whose director is a foreign citizen.

Chanot is a document where the front side shows the coat of arms of Thailand, describes the layout and details of the purchased property. On the back side is the history of all the owners of this property. The document is filled in Thai letters and the name of the owner is also written in Thai letters.

Together with the Chanot, the owner is issued an extract from the Land Department (a white A4 sheet) and a blue house book, which if desired and certain conditions are met, a foreign citizen can change to a yellow house book.

Are you thinking about moving to paradise? Buying a property in Pattaya - eternal summer at home!

Home-work-home – Autumn is coming soon, then a cold winter. And if all this is repeated in a circle for many years, then we begin to want something new, we try to bring some favourable innovations and bright colours to our life. And in most cases, when we are going to make a serious change in our life, we often think about moving to another country. Many of us have visited this idea at least once. Thinking about getting a cosy apartment, somewhere in a heavenly place, next to the warm sea, and then immersing ourselves in eternal summer.

To come not only for 1 or 2 weeks to a hotel, but at any-time, to somewhere like your own home, to your own apartment close to the sea, and away from that dullness. The desire becomes especially strong, when deep autumn and the fierce freezing cold winter comes to the streets of your native city. Therefore, let’s consider this question together, how to take a step towards a more comfortable life, filled with bright colours and warmth! Thailand is a country of unforgettable holidays, magnificent nature, warmth, and of course smiles. You can travel around Thailand endlessly, and it will continue to surprise you again and again.

Pattaya has always been an attractive place for people who want to move, to move to, and completely change their lifestyle. Especially now! – When the world is in turmoil, people are more than ever ready to take a step towards a new life, as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Buying an apartment in Thailand also corresponds to a modern, and at the same time quiet lifestyle. The condominium provides a comfortable environment and a developed infrastructure. In condominium projects, there is usually; a gym, swimming pool, a place to relax or meet friends, some with a beautiful view of the sea, mandatory round-the-clock security, maybe a Finnish sauna. In addition, the complexes often have their own cafes, shops, and provide a lot of services: cleaning, laundry, minor household repairs, etc. This is simply necessary when you want to enjoy your vacation, instead of the routine, the amazing and wonderful atmosphere that will surround you.

And if you and your family need a change that includes a breath of much-needed warmth and clean air, beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, the sea, and developed infrastructure, then Pattaya is the perfect place for you. We have everything for a comfortable, restful life. This includes the proximity of the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, and the location of the largest international airport in southwest Asia, Suvarnabhumi. We are sure that life in Thailand will help to make you content, relaxed and happy.

Therefore, if thoughts about this unique land of smiles do not leave your head and you are thinking about a profitable investment of your money, earning income, or in the future moving, then feel free to contact us. Remember! – It's easy to buy an apartment in Thailand: the main thing is to want, and we will do everything else for you!

If you need additional advice or have any questions, our managers will be happy to answer them, and dispel all your doubts and concerns. Call or write to us now and start changing your life, today!

✍️If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer your queries.

+66 96 806 2358, +66 99 180 7658 (What’s App, Viber, Line)
siamorientalweb@gmail.com, siamorientalplaza@gmail.com, alex.siamoriental@mail.ru