Siam Oriental builds an orphanage to myanmar border as a charity

Siam Oriental builds new premises to orphanage located at Suanphung in the province of Ratchaburi as a charity. The orphanage was founded in 2011 and is governed by pastor Rev. sawan jori with his wife. The orphanage children's backgrounds are very different. Principally the parents of the children have died, divorced, or are so poor that they cannot afford the costs of children, so instead they have been placed into the orphanage called "House Blessing".

Construction work will begin in September 2014 and it will be ready in early 2015. The building will have space for 40 children. The house is equipped with a modern shower, toilet, kitchen and dining facilities. The administrator will have own room as well. Since completion it will provide children above all a safe home and a better future. The cost estimate of the project is 2.5 million baht.

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gekko-newsInformation for the residents

The building maintenance services are now available under the BaanCare logo. The name BaanCare, gekko-logo and yellow color were made to help the residents of Siam Oriental Condos, Nordic Residence and -Resort to find the services which helps the holiday become a lot easier. You can recognize the staff of BaanCare from the bright yellow shirt. BaanCare office is located right next to the Siam Oriental Condos office, on the 1st floor of Siam Oriental Twins building. BaanCare offers you all the cleaning services, small indoor services, etc.(look up the BaanCare homepage). You can make the payments of your apartment in BaanCare office just like in Siam Oriental Condos office.

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